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Student Reactions to an "All Class" Novel

As students read and discuss the novel, they write discussion questions. Students write questions as they read each chapter. Questions must be "discussion" not "recall." The students are encouraged to write questions they would like to see discussed in class. They may include ideas or content they have true queries about and address any topic that will help them arrive at the meaning of the novel.

In this blog, students have written their thoughts about particular chapters. Other students are invited to react to any of the reflections students have posted.

The class blog can be used to augment class discussions. As students discuss the novel, they come to understand characters' actions, author intent, theme, plot, etc. They arrive at the meaning of the novel as they listen to and interact with each other's opinions.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chapter 2:

Tim listens intently as Father and Sam discuss being a Loyalist or a Patriot. He also watches as Father and Sam argue about the Brown Bess. In this chapter, I wonder what Tim is thinking. He looks up to his brother Sam, and he wants to be just like him. Does Tim think Sam is right going off to join the Rebels, or does Tim think Father is right? I also wonder why Mother doesn't express her opinions during the argument.


Rebecca said...

I think Tim is listening to his father and Sam because this is the first time he's seen such a disagreement between them. The father was always the boss in the family. That is the way is was back in those times. I don't think Tim knows who is right at this point in the book. He looks up to both his father and his older brother. I think the mother doesn't say anything because she is used to the father being the boss of the family.

Susie Smart said...
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