Mrs. Carol LaRow's 7th Grade English Classes

Student Reactions to an "All Class" Novel

As students read and discuss the novel, they write discussion questions. Students write questions as they read each chapter. Questions must be "discussion" not "recall." The students are encouraged to write questions they would like to see discussed in class. They may include ideas or content they have true queries about and address any topic that will help them arrive at the meaning of the novel.

In this blog, students have written their thoughts about particular chapters. Other students are invited to react to any of the reflections students have posted.

The class blog can be used to augment class discussions. As students discuss the novel, they come to understand characters' actions, author intent, theme, plot, etc. They arrive at the meaning of the novel as they listen to and interact with each other's opinions.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chapter 4:

In this chapter, Sam steals the Brown Bess from his father's tavern so he can use it in the war as he fights with the Patriots. The Rebel soldiers have gone to the tavern and demanded that Mr. Meeker give them the Brown Bess. When he says he doesn't have it, they beat him up. Tim is very very angry at Sam in this chapter. Do you think Tim was mad enough to shoot Sam with the rifle if Sam didn't overpower him when Tim grabbed the rifle?


Pete said...

I don't think Tim could shoot his brother Sam no matter how angry he was at him. Tim was caught between his father and his older brother Sam. Tim could see that the Rebels were beating up his father. He knew Sam had the rifle and that his father was taking a beating because of something Sam did. I don't think Tim could have pulled the trigger no matter how angry he was at Sam. Tim loved both his father and his brother. He was in a tough spot.

Student10: said...

No, I don't think Tim could shoot his brother. Tim was angry with Sam for taking the Brown Bess . He just wanted to get his rifle back to his father. He was very angry with Sam for the position he put his father in, but I don't think he would kill him.